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    • 03 Dec 2017
    • 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
    • Matilda Bay
    • 48
    A picnic by the river with a visit by Father Christmas. The kids can play, swim, canoe even sail if they wish, while the adults relax and chat on the beach or maybe a game of frisbee or cricket.  You can arrive by bike if you wish.  There are BBQs there or BYO salads and snacks.  Sometimes held in the morning sometimes in the afternoon but always a pleasant way to spend the best part of a day under the shade of the peppermints.  There is a cafe nearby for those wanting a coffee or ice cream.  Bring something under $10 to give to Father Christmas for him to give to your child. 

    • 25 Jan 2018
    • 31 Jan 2018
    • Torbay (between Albany and Denmark)
    • 11

    This is an annual Club event at Camp Kennedy at Torbay. Families stay in separate huts and share a large hall, kitchen and dining facilities. A special beachside holiday in the last week of the school holidays. Including Concert Evening, Games Night, table tennis Competition and overnight Bibbulman walk. Lots of swimming, walking, possibly canoeing and fishing.

    Limited huts so be quick so as not to miss out.

    Torbay is an annual Club event held at Camp Kennedy (Torbay) on the south coast west of Albany (http://www.albanybaptist.com.au/camp-kennedy.html ). Families rent and stay in separate huts and share a large hall, kitchen, shower/toilet and dining facilities. If there is enough of us, and there usually is, the Family Bushwalkers, take over the camp to exclusion of others.  It is a special absolute beachfront holiday in the last week of the school holidays. Past activities at the camp have included Concert Evening, Quiz Night, walk, swimming, canoeing, boogie boarding, fishing, mountain biking, coffee drinking at local cafe, etc.  As in previous years, the site is deemed alcohol and smoking free ..


     Indicative costs are: $18.00 per person per night, $12.00 per 4 yrs-15 yrs per night, 3 yrs and under free. The bushkitchen and cool room are available to us at an additional cost of $35 day.  This cost is spread over the group and equates to $5-10 per family per day flat rate whether you are camping/hutting or even if you don’t use the facility).  Check-in time is 3.00pm and check-out time is 11.00am.

    There are between 2 and 11 beds in each hut and we allocate one family per hut.  The huts have a bed base and mattress but little else – they are basic.  Shared kitchen has everything including plates, cutlery, pots, pans, stoves, fridges – but not T towels and washing-up liquid.  Dining hall has tables and benches.  There is a massive undercover BBQ.  We are expected to clean-up during our stay including the communal showers and toilets.

    • 30 Mar 2018
    • 02 Apr 2018
    • Barrabup Sanctuary
    • 14

    This is a private campground next to the Blackwood River and off the beaten track.  Camping fees are low.  This is the real bush experience.  There are basic toilet and shower facilities.   Hot water is available when we light the boiler.  We have a very large undercover area for cooking, basic BBQ and a marshmallow-friendly camp fire. There is a wonderful natural swimming pool nearby and we are close to Nannup town. We hunt for the Nannup Tiger (often seen but never captured!) and Easter eggs.  After the Easter egg hunt we put them in a large container and share them around.  There is a large sandy pit to play.

    Cost is $20 per adult per night kids under 18 are free. Fees are payable on arrival at camp site.

    Members can contact Shane D for more details about this camp. His contact e-mail address is available when clicking on members already registered for this event.  
    Non-members can send an email to fbwcwa@gmail.com for more information.

    • 14 Apr 2018
    • 28 Apr 2018
    • Ningaloo, Coral Bay etc
    • 13

    Experience the once-in-a-lifetime thrill of swimming with the largest fish in the ocean a whale shark. Swim and walk off the beach to wild fish at arm’s length away at Coral Bay. Snorkel up close with Manta Rays as these amazing creatures glide, roll and feed in nearby Bateman’s Bay. This is the realm of the largest fringing reef on Earth, Ningaloo Reef. A truly magical morning is meeting the friendly bottle-nosed dolphins of Monkey Mia where wild dolphins come to the shore several times a day to interact with people.

    The kids and I swam with the sharks in 2014 and would like to repeat the experience this year (see attached image – it was absolutely brilliant). With nothing but driving, it takes a day and a half to get to Ningaloo with many attractions on the way as summarised in this 13 day driving tour of the WA north coast (WA Coral Coast Wildlife.pdf). You may choose to follow your own itinerary, however, I suggest the option below, which allows part of your family to join mid-trip by taking a 2h $321 flight to Ningaloo. In short: camping at Coral Bay and Cape Range National Park, sandboarding in Kalbarri on the way North, and meeting the Dolphins at Monkey Mia on the way home (WA Coral Coast Wildlife.pdf).

    Event cost: The paid tours are costly. Estimate a minimum of $3,000+ for a family of four. Cancellation policy: if we get your money back, you get it back. Details of costing in the link - Ningaloo whale sharks 2017.xlsx

    Max no of attendees: We need confirmed numbers to proceed with bookings ASAP. Note that this is Easter and school holidays are the most busy time at Ningaloo. 20 people fit on a boat and we can do it over two days. People can be added later subject to availability. Please see the attached email with relevant info on swimming with whale sharks. RE Easter dive (174 KB).msg

    RSVP before the end of  March 2017.

    • 28 Sep 2018
    • 01 Oct 2018
    • Blackwood River
    • 9

    Camping 3 or 4 nights + canoeing over 1 or 2 days (Sat & Sun). Note - this registration is for the camping portion only.


    Lizelle or fbwcwa@gmail.com


    Canoes have been $25/canoe/day (will take 3 people) and camping will be about $10/adult/night and $5 for kids. You can bring your own white water capable canoe / closed in kayak.


    The aim of Saturday will be to work on skill level and just having an enjoyable day on the canoes. Neville will provide some instruction and we will canoe between Neville's house and the campsite. For those that want a a more in-depth training it will be $25/person/day (1/2 price for kids) where Neville will paddle with you upstream - this cost include canoe hire.


    The group to break into two groups with the more experienced canoers tackling ~15 km trip from Sues bridge which include some rapids etc. The other less experienced group/ younger children can either do some bushwalking and/ or biking around the camp site.

    The river section paddled will be decided on arrival after discussion with Neville, the onsite property & canoe owner (based on river heights, group experience & numbers).  If Neville need to take us up stream the cost will be $35/person/day (1/2 price for children) - this cost include canoe hire.

    This is a relaxing weekend on and by the river at a “rustic private camp” located on the banks of the Blackwood. 


    There is a giant wooden shelter in the camp that contains large tables for playing games and keeping out of the rain – enough to fit everybody.  There is no power except for a small solar powered light in the shelter.   

    Campsite also have:

    - Flushing toilet

    - Hot shower (need to warm water with fire)

    - Drinking water

    - Fire place

    The Family Bushwalkers Club (as with Barrabup and Torbay) are the only ones staying at the camp adding to the security and peace of mind for the parents.

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